OPEN LETTER: BOYCOTT IPCI (Birmingham, UK) and deviant Javed Ghamidi - Response

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Open Letter to IPCI, based in Birmingham UK and all Muslims.

Re. IPCI’s invitation to Javed Ahmed Ghamidi

Shawwal 1434/August 2013

As alaam alaykum,

Re. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi

This is an open letter to IPCI based in Birmingham UK and all Muslims.

IPCI is about to hold a conference on the 19th of August 2013. Normally IPCI is known for doing excellent work in the field of Dawah. But on this occasion they are about to commit a colossal mistake. Dawah is to Allah taala and His Messenger pbuh. A conference that will end up promoting a person whose works and writings conflict horrendously with established Islamic teachings is no service to Islam or our noble Prophet Pbuh. IPCI has invited a person called Javed Ahmed Ghamidi to give a lecture at this conference. This is a person who has been roundly condemned by Ulama throughout the Muslim world for his heretical views.

THUS WE BEG Dr. Jamal Badawi, Dr. Shabir Ally and Br. Idris Tawfiq (who are also invited to this conference) to not associate themselves with this conference. AND MOST OF ALL WE BEG EVERY MUSLIM BROTHER AND SISTER WHO LOVES ISLAM AND THE MESSENGER PBUH TO NOT ONLY BOYCOTT THIS CONFERENCE BUT TO RAISE AWARENESS IN THE COMMUNITY AT THE GREAT EVIL ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE. IPCI is a community organisation (their funding comes from us) and it was their responsibility to work for the benefit of the community. And there is only harm in promoting Javed Ghamidi amongst Muslims by giving him such a prominent platform. Here are the evidences that prove that this man is a heretic and modernist who challenges established Aqaaid (Islamic beliefs) band practices of the Umma.

1. In the Sura of Al-Fil it is well known that Allah taala miraculously used birds to attack the army of Abraha (tayran abaabil tarmeehim…). Mr Ghamidi says actually the Arabic language supports his view that it was not birds who struck the army with stones (In Al-Bayaan,- Ghamidi’s publication-, p. 239, printed January 2000). Firstly this contradicts the very obvious words of the Sura. Secondly all the Mufasireen (experts in Quranic interpretation), such Imam Ibn Kathir, Imam Qurtubi, Imam Suyuti, Imam Razi, Imam Alusi, Imam Ibn al-Jawzi and Imam Tabari all reject Ghamidi’s explanation and say that it was the birds that threw the stones. If anyone thinks that this Urdu speaking university professor has got better Arabic and Diyanat dari than these giants of Islamic knowledge, please read this critique of Ghamidis Arabic writings by Dr Sayyid Ridhwan Ali Nadwi. It shows the man makes woeful basic mistakes in the Arabic language:

2. Isa alayhis salaam has already died. In Mizan part one, p. 22-24, 1985.

3. Masjid Aqsa is not the right of the Muslims. It is the right of the Jews. In Ishraq, July, August 2003.

4. He writes in Mizan, p. 64, second edition, April 2002, that : “No matter of Islamic belief or action is established by Hadith.” حدیث سے کوئی اسلامی عقیدہ یا عمل ثابت نہیں ہوتا This would make him Munkar al-Hadith.

5. The death penalty in Islam is only given for murder and fasad fil-Ard (causing corruption in the earth). This is mentioned in Ghamidi’s Mizan, p. 283, second edition, April 2002. This goes against the Hadith that states that the Prophet  and the sahaba all stoned to death the married Zani person. Moreover this is established by mutawatir hadith which is why all four Imams uphold death for the married Zani. This ruling also opposes the hadith: Whoever leaves his religion, kill him (Sahih Muslim).

6. A Muslim woman does not need to wear a headscarf and that it is not a Shari hukm. See In Ishraq, p. 47, May 2002.

7. Dajjal is the western countries. In Ishraq, p. 61, January Edition, 1996.

8. Music is allowed in Islam, in Ishraq, p. 8 and 19, March, 2004.

9. Another view that ends up challenging Islamic law is that, Ghamidi says, that after the Prophet Pbuh death no one can be called a “Kafir.”نبی کی رحلت کے بعد کسی شخص کو کافر قرار نہیں دیا جاسکتا

Which means that even if someone swears at the Prophet (pbuh) or denies the Holy Qur’an he is still a Muslim! Even Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. This is mentioned in Ghamidis famous journal Al-Ishraq, p.54-55, December, 2000).



It is clear Mr Ghamidi is not part of ahl Sunna wal Jamaat and that he is spreading fitna in the Ummat by concocting new opinions that are riddled with mistakes and heresies. May Allah taala protect all Muslims from the Fitna of Javed Ghamidi. Please make your feelings known to the people at IPCI. And ensure that no one from the community attends this event.




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